Home Depot Ripped Off A Vet


Home Depot & ARS Rescue Rooter have ignored complaints & professional safety/inspection reports for over 230 days!  We have been refused contractors insurance, job completion and overall service!  The HVAC system was modified (added heating coil) & the wrong wiring & breaker was used!  

Why hasn’t the Department Of Business & Professional Regulation or Code Enforcement done something?  This is a fire hazard!

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Home Depot (ARS Rescue Rooter) sold, modified and hooked up an new HVAC system on the wrong breaker, wire and heat strip (see report)!  They also did 10K in damage to our home and refused us insurance by not sending an inspector for 143 days!  They have even ignored complaints from the Fire Marshall, DBPRCode Enforcement and the Florida Attorney General!  Heck, we even emailed the top executives at Home Depot.  For 240 days and nights Home Depot has held us hostage by threat of mold and fire!  If we die from fire, please hold these men and women responsible.  We don’t know how else to get justice!

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Full Home Inspection Report

Have A Look For Yourself At The Full Inspection:

ARS Rescue Rooter really did a bunch of things wrong on this Heat Pump installation.  To note, this is one of the simplest HVAC systems a person can install and is a one piece system.  The amount of headache we have endured from this company is just amazing!  

PS.  The cost of this report was $3,500 plus our time.  We also had to hire an attorney at the additional cost of $3,000 and still rising.

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