Home Depot Ripped Off A Vet


Home Depot & ARS Rescue Rooter have ignored complaints & professional safety/inspection reports for over 230 days!  We have been refused contractors insurance, job completion and overall service!  The HVAC system was modified (added heating coil) & the wrong wiring & breaker was used!  

Why hasn’t the Department Of Business & Professional Regulation or Code Enforcement done something?  This is a fire hazard!

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Home Depot (ARS Rescue Rooter) sold, modified and hooked up an new HVAC system on the wrong breaker, wire and heat strip (see report)!  They also did 10K in damage to our home and refused us insurance by not sending an inspector for 143 days!  They have even ignored complaints from the Fire Marshall, DBPRCode Enforcement and the Florida Attorney General!  Heck, we even emailed the top executives at Home Depot.  For 240 days and nights Home Depot has held us hostage by threat of mold and fire!  If we die from fire, please hold these men and women responsible.  We don’t know how else to get justice!

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Home Depot Corporate Complaints Department Failed Us!

Home Depot Complaints 2021

ARS Rescue Rooter (a Home Depot subcontractor) installed a heating system on the wrong permit, heat strip, wiring and electrical breaker!

Home Depot Complaint: 

Before you get involved with Home Depot and their product installers.  Consider, you will have little recourse should something go wrong.  We actually had to build this website, create petitions, hire counsel, file complaints and prove publicly what Home Depot & ARS Rescue Rooter did!  Even after Home Depot was served with a professional report stating that the install was a fire hazard, they still did not act.  Has the Home Depot has left us to burn to death!  Have a look at this $3800 report that states 10+ code violations on one of the simplest HVAC systems to install!

Ignored 200+ Days:


Will ARS Rescue Rooter (Home Depot) Ever Set This Right!

Home Depot Complaints & ARS Rescue Rooter ComplaintsWe have just had a 200+ day nightmare after being solicited inside of the Port orange Florida Home Depot.  Home Depot has a funny business setup with ARS.  

ARS Rescue Rooter (aka American Residential Services) made a lot of guarantees as did Home Depot, but neither has yet set right their contractors mistakes or returned to install the system correctly.

It is now more than 6 months since we contracted with Home Depot and ARS Rescue Rooter to install a new Rheem Heat Pump and a Heat strip.  Within a day they were out to install the new system but did such a horrible job we had to call to complain.

The job was so bad and since we did not research this company or get 3 bids, we were shocked to discover all the bad reviews.  We had Orlando Rescue Rooter do our Install and they used installers that were not certified.

ARS would seriously have to show me this crews license and I would have to verify it with MyFloridaLicense.com.  This is the DBPR website where you can file formal complaints against a Florida company like ARS Rescue Rooter.

ARS Modified The HVAC System:

Worse, the ARS Rescue Rooter installers modified the heating system by installing an added heat strip.  That heat strip was installed on the wrong wiring and the wrong breaker.  The system has been flagged by local Code enforcement and several professionals (Electrical Inspector Report #1) have now backed up this data.

Home Depot Complaints & ARS Rescue Rooter ComplaintsNow on day 180ish, after hiring an attorney, Home Depot finally gave us our legally guaranteed insurance inspection.  Unfortunately, all the work has already been fixed and all that remains is the 10+ videos of all the work.

So what happened?  ARS  Rescue Rooter (through a Home Depot Contract) contracted to not just install a new heat pump but replace all the existing air tub lines.  They did half of the work and made it look like they completed it in full.  While under our home (manufactured doublewide), they broke a sewer pipe that was located directly above their connections.

An Exceptionally Worthless Service Guarantee:

We did not notice this for about 3 weeks!  If they would have said something there would have been almost no damage.  The workers bailed and the overall job was done extremely poorly (see images here).  From trash left behind to the unit leaking out the back from being unlevel, all on day one.

ars rescue rooter exceptional service guarantee is worthlessWe were offered a refund which is what they claim in all the ARS Rescue Rooter advertising.  That was a bogus fraudulent guarantee in our opinion.  The ARS Rescue Rooter Exceptional Service Guarantee came with legal paperwork which removed our right to property damages and the right to review/sue/complain about ARS in anyway!

We should have researched this company and double checked their reputation.  We have found hundreds of pissed off consumers and are certain the day is coming where Home depot and ARS Rescue Rooter stand before a judge.

A Few Professionally Stated Facts Related To This HVAC Install:
More ARS Related Information:
Not convinced? Here is a playlist of other Home Depot complaints:

Have you rewritten your ARS complaint onto all of these popular places?  Are you inside the 3 day right to cancel?  A local small business will serve you so much better!  File that chargeback today!

Who Owns ARS Rescue Rooter?

In May of 2014, Charlesbank Capital Partners bought ARS Rescue Rooter for 100 million dollars from Caxton-Iseman Capital and Royal Palm Capital Partners.  

Charlesbank Capital Partners is a gigantic company that owns ARS Rescue Rooter and 100 other companies.  Have a look at CCP’s portfolio.  The main profile for ARS Rescue Rooter at CCP is here.  The CEO is listed as Dave Slott and the COO is Luis Orbegoso.  

Unfortunately, LinkedIn won’t allow me to contact either of them without a paid subscription.  If someone here has that service.  kindly send a link of this site to them along with a smiley face.  My Father (a Cuban Missile Crisis & Vietnam Veteran) and myself would be so grateful!

A Few Quick Facts About ARS Rescue Rooter:
Isn't It Time To Tell Your Rescue Rooter Complaint or Home Depot Complaint Story Here?

ARS & Home Depot just haven’t done the right thing!  Even after filing complaints and even speaking with their legal team.  If you feel the same, post your story here.  

Please include links to your online ARS complaints and consider making a video of your experience.  I would be happy to upload it to my YouTube or share your already uploaded complaint in my Home Depot Complaints YouTube Playlists.  

Together we can get Home Depot to step up.  ARS has been to big boy court before and that is why they had to do that verification call.  

Please consider how Home Depot has treated us before you hire them for your heating and cooling project.  Home Depot complaints have been rising for years and Home Depot escalations and corporate have failed to protect and refund consumer after consumer.  Tell us your thoughts about Home Depot or one of their contractors below!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by. Please leave your comments and even your links below. If you have a really good video you would like to share I would like to help you. Please include a link to that also. Let’s make 2021 the year Home Depot is made responsible for their actions and inactions! If you haven’t seen our original complaint, you can see that here: https://thomasbowmanhandyman.com/ars-rescue-rooter-review-and-complaint/

    We tried very hard to get Home Depot to play fair and they should have set this right before videos, webpages and websites get built! Please join the Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/homedepotcomplaints

    Please sign a petition like this one: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/home-depot-ars-rescue-rooter-class-action

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